DIY retractable drying rack from an old IKEA crib

diy retractable drying rack

I hacked an IKEA SNIGLAR baby crib into a retractable clothes drying rack. I attached it to a cord to lower the rack to hang my clothes and lift the rack against the wall when not in use. It’s hung on an empty wall in our laundry room and it’s proven to be so useful for laundry that needs a bit of airing.

So if you have an old SNIGLAR cot, don’t throw it away just yet.

Items needed:

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Steps to DIY a retractable drying rack

1. We will use both ends of the SNIGLAR crib.
2. On both ends, cut the legs so they resemble a square.
3. Then take one of them and cut off the end frame sections. You should end up with two end sections.
4. Attach one piece of the end section to the complete SNIGLAR cot using the hinges.
5. Attach two of the screw hooks to the other end section piece (for the top of the wall). One near the edge of the top end section (to act as a stopper), the other at the center of the end piece. The third eye hook is fixed at the center of the cot end piece.
6. Attach the end sections to the wall using wall anchor screw fixings.
7. Tie the cord to the first hook (on the cot end piece) and loop through the others so that it hangs to the side of the frame. Add a stopper so that the cord catches at the eye hook at the level you want the rack to hang.

And that’s it! Your DIY retractable drying rack is done.

~ by Ciaran

Jules Yap