Wall-hung hat and glove storage pockets

glove and hat wall organizer
Photo Credit: Josefin Hjortronblad

As winter approached, Josefin Hjortronblad @Minikottarna needed an easy way to store all their kids’ hats, mittens, and gloves by the front door without looking cluttered. They wanted something affordable, but that also added some style. That’s when she came up with the idea to repurpose some inexpensive IKEA items into a DIY hat and gloves storage organizer.

IKEA items used: 

  • IKEA NEREBY hanging storage, natural fabric (x4)
  • NEREBY birch rail 40 cm (x4) 

Other materials tools: 

  • Jute ribbon
  • Drill

Easy DIY hat and gloves storage organizer:

Photo Credit: Josefin Hjortronblad
  1. Drill holes in the ends of the birch rails and thread jute ribbon through. Tie knots at each end to secure.
  2. Knot a bow at the top of each rail for decoration.
  3. Hang the NEREBY storage organizer by the loop at the top.

The total cost was just €36 or about $39 – a small investment for a nice storage solution. Assembly only took around 1.5 hours.

What Josefin likes most is how good it looks while keeping everything organized. The neutral colors blend in well and take up very little space mounted on the wall. Only one nail is needed to hang the organizer.

The hardest part was getting an even distance between the rails and the bags. Taking time to measure carefully was key.

At the start of winter, their kids’ gloves and hats have a dedicated home by the front door. This IKEA hack was inexpensive and works for their family.


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