IVAR front facing clothes rail for narrow spaces

I’m a single guy, living in a small space, IVAR has been my storage salvation. Wardrobes take up a lot of space, and I don’t have much to hang up. So, I came up with this front facing clothes rail for my IVAR shelving unit. 

IKEA item used:

Photo: IKEA.com

IVAR front facing clothes rail

My IVAR closet is based on the 30cm deep IVAR shelving. Would also work with the 50cm.  The shelving was freecycled. The Rod was open box sale for £1.50.

I  used a short NEREBY rail as the hanger.  Due to the 30cm shelf I had to shorten the rod, which, because of my lack of fancy tools, meant scoring the rod at the required depth with a Stanley knife. Then, cutting off the excess with my saw, and whittling the rest down to fit the bracket. 

front facing clothes rail for IVAR

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I also cut the excess off the other end for a more flush fit.  This meant that my shirts can now hang inside the shelf, making it easier to walk past.  

front facing clothes rail for IVAR

Currently working on an IVAR based computer workstation, incorporating an old IKEA Wardrobe that was turned into a desk by another party, which I picked up off a recycle website. In small spaces, storage is at a premium, so, I build upwards. 

I’m also trying to source some doors so I can create some small item storage on the door backs.  I’ve also got a 180cm wide shelf I’m building to go over the top of my bed, to take advantage of more wasted space, also built from IVAR.

~ by Anthony Osborne

IVAR open closet system

ivar closet

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