Bathroom Towel Ladder That’s So Affordable: An Easy DIY

bathroom with towel ladder
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We have the perfect solution if you’re tired of dealing with messy towels in your bathroom. With this genius IKEA hack, you can create a stylish and functional towel ladder to keep your towels organized and within reach.

A bathroom towel ladder is one storage item you’ll often see in chic bathrooms. Unlike wall-mounted towel racks, a ladder towel rack is almost freestanding and does not need to be secured to the wall. While they are typically made from 2 posts with rungs in between, they are usually pretty pricey. The size of the towel ladder may also be too big for a small bathroom.

Deborah, who showcases her DIY projects on her Instagram profile @bangonstyle, “really wanted one of those storage ladders in my bathroom, but they were all so huge!”

DIY Bathroom Towel Ladder

IVAR side unit | Photo Credit:

Putting on her IKEA hacking hat, she used one IVAR side unit and added a few accessories to make it work as a towel stand. The IVAR side unit is already built like a ladder, which makes it perfect for this project. See the next slide for her step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Fill up all the dowel pin holes

fill the holes with wood filler and sand down
Photo Credit: Deborah Stubbington @bangonstyle

Deborah used the Ronseal Wood Filler to fill up all the holes along the sides of the IVAR post. After the filler dried, she sanded the spots and wiped them clean.

Step 2: Measure the angle

cut the ends of the towel ladder at an angle
Photo Credit: Deborah Stubbington @bangonstyle

Next, she measured the leaning angle of the ladder and marked it on the ends of the side post. Using a handsaw, she cut the marked portion off.

Step 3: Paint the sides

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Deborah taped off both ends of the towel bars to paint the long sides of the post. She first primed and then used an eggshell paint in Sandstone to finish it.

Step 4: Stain the rungs

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She lightly stained the rungs in a Light Oak finish to match the rest of the wood in her bathroom. Sealing the rungs with a polycrylic finish will help protect the wood against damp towels.

Step 5: Add pegs

Screw in some pegs for towels on the top rung of the ladder
Photo Credit: Deborah Stubbington @bangonstyle

Deborah found cute wooden dolls, which she repurposed as pegs. Alternatively, you can use knobs or robe hooks for this step. She drilled 3 holes at the top rung and screwed the pegs in from the back. She repeated the same step at the bottom rung with 2 larger wooden pegs to hold an IKEA TJABBIG basket for added storage.

Step 6: Add towels

Photo Credit: Deborah Stubbington @bangonstyle

Now, lean it against the wall, and the bathroom towel rack is done. The top towel rail is for hanging things. The middle rails are great for hand towels and folded bath towels.

The result is a beautiful and practical bathroom rack that looks much more expensive than it actually is. It provides plenty of storage space for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom accessories, adding a stylish and modern touch to the room.

The total cost of this IKEA towel ladder hack was approximately $30.

If you want to add a storage shelf to the ladder, try this DIY ladder shelving hack.

This post was originally published on IKEA Hackers.

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