Car themed dresser and car lamp

Materials: Leksvik diaper changing table, Rationell Variera liner, Alang floor lamp

Description: I took my son’€™s old Leksvik diaper changing table and repurposed into a dresser. I enclosed the top by building out a deck and used gray Rationell Variera drawer liner as a decorative inlay. (To adhere the liner to wood I first roughed up the back side of the liner with sand paper and then used spray adhesive).

This dresser is part of my sons car themed bedroom, (See my Ikeahack: Cool Carport Loft Bed). I painted it fire red, swapped out the hardware with brushed nickel drawer handles and added polished aluminum diamond plate in back of the cubbies. After tacking in the aluminum diamond plate pieces, I reused the original back cardboard as reinforcement over them.

“Aventador” is a type of Lamborghini, which is the car in the car lamp pictured on top of the dresser. (That’s an Ikea hack as well)

The car lamp: I started with the Alang floor lamp. (It is important to use the floor lamp instead of the Alang table lamp as the base is wider and proportionally better holds a 1/18 scale die cast car). I CAREFULLY drilled a ½ inch hole all the way through the middle of car and then slid it over the lamp post. To cover the slightly nicked paint around the drilled hole, I used a garden hose rubber gasket to cover and hide it.

Note: Because it’s a floor lamp you’ll need to cut off at least seven inches on each of the posts. There are two posts on the Alang floor lamp – the post attached to the base and the telescoping post on the inside – both need to be cut at least 7 inches to create a table lamp).

The adhesive back raised letters and Lamborghini sticker were found on Amazon.

~ Darren, California