a splashback frame

so, cheryl of berkshire, uk, experienced ikea’s screwy customer service, but this is a case of a wrong thing turning out right.

“our little ‘magnetic board’ is a result of unwanted parts we got from ikea,” cheryl writes, “they made a mistake in our kitchen unit (we ordered 2 stainless steel splashback, but got only one). returning just that one splashback would be far too troublesome and we decided to keep it.

The metal clips that holds the splashback is from kolja, the round bathroom mirror. we thought it looked unsightly and found other ways to secure the mirror to the wall. however it looks ok holding the metal splashback, not very noticeable.

using magnets also from ikea, the splashboard now funtions as a fancy notice board and a ‘picture frame’. a great way to change the picture/art if I get tired of it!”

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