cheryl’s cozy room divider

one of the things i love about ikea is its flexibility. in my apartment, some of my furniture and spaces has to do double (or triple) duty.

cheryl faced a similar predicament. her living room has multiple personalities as a sofa and telly lounge, dining space and also work area. she also has 2 computers and wanted a room divider to hide the storage shelf and at least 1 computer.

it’s a simple solution but i think she did the job beautifully.

“i used dignitet and deka and mounted it unto the ceiling. this is usually used for odd shaped windows, such as bay windows. i bought a lightweight fabric which was also on sale at ikea. cheap and cheerful divider, practical and space saving as well. perfect.”

am loving the colours – the white and brown hues. as yummy as marshmallows in hot choc.

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