ikea fashion parade

i received quite a few emails on apparels made from ikea duvet covers, blankets, fabrics. obviously, not very hack-y (for lack of a better word) but i thought i’ll have some ikea runway fun.

this is from lynsey searle who made a cute little skirt for her 3 year old from an ikea korall manet quilt cover.

close up skirt small Anya

another one from quilt covers. katja made a fresh summer tunic from the bibbi snurr. link.


this “crazy picnic dress”, as andrea avery calls it, is made of the belinda fabric. “i made it from a pattern. i can’t figure out where in your house you’d want to have anything made out of a fabric this loud, but it sure suits this 1960s-style emma peel-esque dress.” link to andrea’s flickr set.

398392601_dba0d81ef6 398392608_83490bfac0

moving on, we have two more using the ikea polarvide fleece throw.

charlotte made a made a shawl for her friend using the blanket. she calls the shawl the ‘longhorn’ as it reminds her of a texas longhorn. “i drew circles on a watersoluble stabilizer. with felting wool and an embellisher machine i felted black dots. i cut them out and felted them on the shawl. in doing so i had more control over the form. the red cables are wet-felted and then attached to the shawl with the machine.” link.


and next we have a clever ikea hack by jennie’s mom. “she took a polarvide blanket, and cut a hole in the middle to make a shawl. i like how the decorative edge built into the blanket is really highlighted, and she even created a little collar.

it is so simple, but so functional. if you like curling up in a blanket, you know that even when you get up from the sofa, you want to stay wrapped up in the blanket… this way the blanket doesn’t fall, you don’t have to hold it up, you have more flexibility than in a robe, and the length is just perfect so it does not get in the way of your hands if you want to do something like make breakfast…

polarvide poncho

even though ikea sells ponchos (i never knew this, did you?-jules), this version is a much cheaper solution. the polarvide is only $3.99. mom has them in several colors!” link to jennie’s flickr.