fabric covers for storage boxes

storage is a necessary evil but hey, if we can pretty it up, why not? siri from norway gives these apa storage boxes a makeover.

DSC00892 DSC00893

“we made very nice boxes out of these apa storage boxes. we used some fabric, the kind of fabric that you would maybe have on the kitchen table – glossy and easy to clean. we glued it on, and painted the wooden parts brown.” link.

Updated! February 25, 2009

Scrapbooking the Apa toy box
Divya has a small kitchen and did not have enough cabinet space for her pots ‘n’ pans. So, “We went to Ikea with an intention of buying a shelf, but we had the challenge of dealing with the aesthetics as well. We live in a small unit with combined living and dining and did not want to display a shelf full of pots ‘n’ pans.
In the kids section, I found the Apa toy box with lid. I hoped it would work! Back home, happy that it could hold everything, I had an idea to improvise. Here’s what I did – I stuck my scrapbook layouts on the box and now it serves the purpose and looks interesting and colourful as well! At $20, it’s a steal! I now use it to hold my craft supplies also. No more beads, paper & stuff lying around…all organised!”
Jules Yap