bookcase sliding door hides secret passageway

ooh … this is cool. nicole‘s bookcase sliding door that hides an entryway to the bathroom. love the disappearing doorway act.

“my husband and i are installing all sliding doors in our modern remodel. in the den area we have very little wall space for any display area, so we decided to make a bookcase into a sliding door for the 1/2 bath. of course we used ikea, bonde to be exact.

open …

how we did it:

    1. we took a standard bonde bookcase and added 4 castors to the bottom.
    2. then we added matching birch toe kick from the kitchen dept to hide the castors.
    3. next we added some plywood on the back for added stability and stained it a dark walnut to match the stained ikea mirror in the bathroom. we inset a flush pull handle.


  • the last step was to attach the track to the wall and the hangers to the bookcase.



  • accessorize bonde as desired.


definitely easier said then done.”

click to see nicole’s bookcase sliding door photoset and details.