fitting the cyril computer cabinet for iMac

another hack from aprica, who is also the luxe lack coffee table hacker. this time it’s an unintentioned hack due to buyer error.

“i wanted to pass this info along because i doubt that i am the only mac owner to be seduced by the cyril computer cabinet. i am truly of the “AR” measure twice, cut once school but i simply lost my head when i saw the cyril on pages 292-293 of the 2007 ikea catalog. right there was my dream come true, a clean and simple cabinet with room for my iMac G5, printer and desk accessories. the photo in the catalog showed my exact computer.

i measured my underutilized entrance hallway and saw that it would fit perfectly in the space and, when closed, would recede into the background. i quickly purchased the item and remained blissful as i put the unit together. it was the single most difficult ikea item (of many) i’ve constructed but also one of the coolest. the design is ingenious and the hinges (they’re imprinted with the logo “ferrari made in italy”), drawer, and panel are high quality.



my moment of despair came when i had the desk in place and tried to place the computer inside. alas it did not fit – the mac was 1″ too high. how could this be, i wondered? i quickly realized that the desk in the catalog was sporting the smaller size iMac not the one i have with a 20″.


after some deliberation with my man, we decided to cut a recessed notch across shelf going about 4 1/2 inches deep and extending as far as we could while still leaving the magnetic closure next to the drawer intact. we had to partially take the unit apart to do this.

as you can see in the photos, the computer now fits just fine.”

Jules Yap