DIY Mirrored Coffee Table: Get the Vintage Look for Less

Aprica had enough of eyeballing way-too-expensive vintage mirrored tables and took things into her own hands.

“After coveting numerous vintage mirrored tables ranging from $450 to $2500 on eBay and other online sites, I decided to make my own using a 35″ long IKEA LACK coffee table. While the cost for materials came out close to $200, I am really pleased with the results of my ‘luxe’ (it’s all relative) hack of the LACK,” she beams.

DIY vintage mirrored coffee table - a LACK table hack
Photo Credit: Aprica

Originally, Aprica wanted to replace the included shelf with a glass shelf, but in the end, she liked the simplicity of the parsons-style coffee table.

Sticking on the mirror
Photo Credit: Aprica

How I made a vintage-style mirrored coffee table

1. Assemble the LACK coffee table: This IKEA hack is also good for old, scuffed-up LACK tables, as you’ll be covering all the exposed surfaces. It’s a good idea to scour Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, or online stores for pre-loved furniture for a used LACK coffee table.
2. Measure: This step is crucial for a nicely made vintage mirrored coffee table. Measure and measure again to ensure you have the right measurements for all the surfaces to be covered.
3. Cut the mirrors: Aprica had the mirrors cut, and the edges sanded at a local mirror and glass shop.
4. Stick the mirrors: With the cut pieces, she glued them on the LACK coffee table with Liquid Nails. Choose an adhesive made specifically for glass and mirrors. 5. Clamp: Clamp down the mirror to the table surface or use a heavy stack of books to keep the mirror in place. Use wood boards between the C-clamps to protect the mirror surface.
Clamp and let glue dry DIY mirrored coffee table
Photo Credit: Aprica

6. Drying time: Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s drying instructions. Continue gluing until all surfaces are covered in mirrors.

After it has dried, remove all the clamps, wipe the mirror surfaces, and voilà! A vintage mirrored coffee table for a lot less.

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