Coloring cloth

The shopping sherpa sent me this cute zippered pouch made from IKEA Akseline fabric with prominent leafy black and white motifs. Looking at the material now, the hack seems all too apparent – as evident as a kid’s coloring book.


All you need to do is fill in the colors with fabric markers.


Add beads if you want further embellishments.


Sew into a pouch. With the bag turning out so well, the sherpa is using the rest of the fabric for a matching handbag. Click to learn more about the pouch.

Valerie’s fabric wall art

I bought a yard of the IKEA Pernilla fabric, stretched and stapled it over wooden stretcher bars in my desired sizes, and painted my living room colors into it with cheap acrylic paints. That particular fabric was begging for some color. It looks like art to color in, with black outlines on a white background!”


I took a few pots of acrylic paint and used a fine brush to color them in. Hang it up when dry.