ikeahacker forums – now hosted at ikeafans

early last month, i pulled the plug on the ikeahacker forums due to spam and time commitments. but hey, when it’s a good thing, you can’t keep it down.

susan from ikeafans.com wrote me a few days ago and suggested a collaboration. i jumped onboard immediately because ikeafans is a wonderful community, moderated by people who know their ikea.

ikeafansso it is with much glee that i’m announcing this … the ikeahacker forum is BACK!

all the answers you’ve been aching for – the right way to cut a lack shelf, replace a kitchen door hinge, dismantle a malm bed, find the right sized nuts and bolts – you now have a pool of over 17,000 ikeafans to help you figure it out.

feel free to post questions, exchange ideas, preview your hacks in progress. DulcineaK, otherwise known as the answer chick, will be moderating the forum. i will pop in and chime in my 2 cents whenever i can.

click here to get to the forum page. you will need to register to be part of the community. go join. it’s as toasty as a cinnamon roll in there.

hugs to susan and james for making this possible!