a flat tv wall combo unit

alex gets stylish with his flat tv furniture using the besta range and some neat ideas.

“i always see these stylish tv panel/bench combinations in designer shops and they were all at least 1000 EUR. the combination in the pictures shown is all together about 400 EUR and consists of the following parts:

2 besta benches
4 besta holmbo drawer fronts
2 besta holmbo doors as wall panels
1 lack wall shelf
3 grundtal spotlights

the benches and the lack shelf were installed as per instructions. the doors for the wall panel are fixed with one 14mm bolt each to the wall.

DSC00016 DSC00018

finally the grundtal spotlights were fixed with tesa powerstrips below the lack shelf. remember to hide the cables.


then, you need to pin the flat tv holder through the panel on the wall as instructed in the original manual and then you are finished.”

this is making me love the besta range even more!

[thank you, readymade blog for the very nice shoutout! also, ikeahacker made the news in germany on spiegel online. thanks, konrad!]

Jules Yap