a touch of glass for the humble lack side table

it was a nice surprise to see better homes and gardens hacking ikea too. michelle was the one who spotted this pretty mosaic table featured on their site. i’m loving the geometric design.

169,http _f3.yahoofs.com_ymg_betterhomesgardens__28_betterhomesgardens-364070325-1184113261.jpg ymuZby9CzIYitRMZ 379,http _f3.yahoofs.com_ymg_betterhomesgardens__28_betterhomesgardens-6201050-1184113263.jpg ymvZby9ClYxrBcYW

the skinny: paint the lack side table a handsome charcoal background colour. then, stick on black and brown bisazza glass tiles (which are gorgeous, by the way), tile by tile with a dab of weldbond. lastly, grout the tiles and smooth it into the spaces. leave to dry.

for the full blow-by-blow mosaic table making instructions, click here. also check out the video how-to.

Jules Yap