Cat litter box ideas — Simple and easy IKEA DIY projects

Let’s face it, commercial cat litter boxes aren’t the prettiest. Nor cheap.

The good thing is, making a cat litter box is not hard at all.

Check out these ideas for a cat litter box using IKEA items only.

3 simple cat litter box ideas

Sara’s wheelaway cat litter box

Sara sent me her cat litter box constructed from 2 IKEA SNACK boxes.

IKEA Hack of a cat litter box in green with hinges and a half circle cut out entrance for the cat
All done!

She flipped a smaller SNACK box on top a larger one. Cut a hole for her large kitty to go through and attached the two boxes with hinges.

Should you want to paint it, do remember to paint it before you construct the boxes – it will save you time painting round the metal plates. Sara also added wheels. Last thing is to place a litter pan in it and you’re set.

IKEA Hack of a cat litter box in green with hinges and a half circle cut out entrance for the cat
Cut an entrance for your cat with a jigsaw
hinges to hold the two boxes together
Attach the two boxes with hinges

View Sara’s cat litter photoset and instructions on flickr.

Robert’s pawsitively cute version

This is the cute version of Sara’s idea. Same 2 SNACK boxes but with a square cut-out, which is probably easier to achieve.

The stenciled paw prints are just too cute, don’t you think?

IKEA Hack of a cat litter box in beige with stenciled paw prints
Inside view of the opened cat litter box with pan and sand
metal handles

See Robert’s instructions on his flickr set.

Dee’s kitty litter hideaway

This is Dee’s version, build from a HOL storage box.

She cut out a section from the side for a concealed litter box that’s big enough to hold an extra large litter box, the extra litter and all the extras (poop scoop, litter deodorizer and bags).

IKEA HOL storage box with a cut out on the side for the cat
Opened HOL box with view of litter pan and accessories

Dee also added 2 BYGEL cutlery caddies with the center section of the holders cut out so they could be hung through the holes of the HOL storage box. Perfect for brushes, combs and extra little things she uses for her pampered persian!

Dee’s bonus: You can use the piece you cut out from the HOL as a kitchen trivet!

(On a side note, after a year running this site i’ve received only one doggie IKEA hack. Dog lovers not IKEA hackers? :O )

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Jules Yap