pax wardrobes to organise your entire office

some years ago, i remember ikea having home office fittings for the pax wardrobe system. i was so tempted to buy it because i could just close the doors and the office, together with all my mess would disappear. but finally, the thought of working out of a closet was just too claustrophobic for me. nonetheless it is good see that jen has made the pax wardroble office work. [via apartmenttherapy home tech, thanks anna!]

2 pax wardrobes with drammen doors hold jen’s entire office. i would suggest a pax pull out shelf (with a wooden shelf placed in it for thickness) for the laptop and to avoid having to work with the cabinet under her feet.
2007-08-29-jenhiddenoffice 2007-08-29-jenshiddenoffice2
click to see jen’s home office on apartmenttherapy.