A desk job

Another workstation out to capture our hearts. Martin puts together this desk from the Effektiv range.

He says, “We painted our room and took out the cabinets. When we put them back we decided we wanted a bookcase at the right end and a desk in the middle. The cabinet that had been there was fitted only with one interior shelf and two doors. We did not reinstall the other wall cabinets.

I took apart the base unit and fitted the top of the cabinet in between the remaining cabinets at a desk height. The remaining pieces had to be shortened to fit between the cabinet and the wall. The base remained the base, but not attached to anything.


The sides of the original cabinet became the lower bookcase shelves. The interior shelf became the top shelf and matched the width of the upper cabinets. The doors had to be cut narrower and matched the width of the upper shelf.

All the pieces had finished edges which made them look like original fittings. I still have the back of the cabinet, but all 4 edges are unfinished.”