Hack the hex

This is brilliant. Nate found a way to ‘powerize’ the hex key. No more numb fingers and blisters.

He says, “When revamping my workspace a few weeks ago – and not in the mood to unscrew my Jerker desk by hand – I thought I might try sacrificing one of the countless hand wrenches I’ve picked up from Ikea. In a perfect world I would have had a drill bit exactly sized for the hex screws used in the desk’s fixtures but, alas, such things escape my grasp.

1 Hand Driver 2 Bolt Cutters 3 Action 4 Usage

So I took the freebie hex wrench, cut it at the straightest edge I could manage with the bolt cutters and slid the new ‘bit’ into the chuck of the power drill. It held in there just fine and I had my desk in pieces in minutes. I imagine that this technique isn’t limited to just this driver but to any and all Ikea wrenches and hand drivers, from the S shapes to the L’s.”

Jules Yap