Love is Blund

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37597 PE129557 S3Cute overload ahead!

Mette felt in love with Blund at first sight. She says “He just looked at me … I looked at him… and took him home…. and promised myself to make as many jumpers and trousers as possible for MY BLUND and all the ‘Blund Brothers’!

Apparently Blund has quite a few fans and some pretty cool clothes. Go see Blund dressed to the nines on the Blund Group

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Mette’s basic knitting pattern is available here, which includes a T-shirt, a vest, a pair of trousers, and a little rucksack for Blund. Awwww….

Updated! February 25, 2009
Nicole’s Blund Bear

She says, “I was so excited to see your post on the hacked Blund bears! I’ve attached a photo of two bears that I modified for my nephews Dean (D) and Quinn (Q). They loved them.”

Jules Yap