Spring Chick’s to-die-for craft room

Once in a while I receive a craft room hack that turns me green, really really green. This is one of them. Lucky you, Kari!

Kari says, “I recently moved to a new house and am lucky enough to finally have a whole room for my crafting hobbies/business. I do a lot of sewing so I wanted a big, flat, and high (to save my back) work surface where I could lay out fabric. I also needed a lot of storage space.

My solution was to buy four Ikea base kitchen cabinets (2, 30″ and 2, 18″). After assembling the cabinets, we (my husband and I) bolted them together on the bottom and added turned feet (to make it higher and prettier).

We flipped it right side up and built a top out of MDF. We covered the MDF with nice fabric (actually a shower curtain, for the width) which we stapled on underneath the edge.

We had a piece of glass cut to cover the whole top. As finishing touches, we added wood trim to hide the ‘seams’ between cabinets, glass knobs, and an Ikea rod (Bygel). I think it turned quite nicely and it functions just as I had hoped. A huge work surface (with a knee hole for sitting), with tons of storage underneath.

On the other side of the room, I needed a desk. We also used Ikea kitchen cabinet bases for this (one 24″, one 18″), one side with drawers, one with a door. Then we just used the Ikea white kitchen counter top (Pragel) for the top. We also added feet and glass knobs to the desk. When I pulled up a chair to the desk, I realized that (duh!), this desk was higher than a regular desk, because it is counter height. Therefore, I had to go buy a counter height stool (Ikea Henriksdal). I modified their standard cover by sewing on a little Ikea fabric (Fredrika) around the bottom for a more custom look.”