Computer desk with PC nook

Tim from Germany hacked a computer desk so he could store away his PC, without all the cables showing.

He says, “I used one Vika Amon 120x60cm (47″x24″) and one 100x60cm (39″x24″), both white. The bigger one became my real desk, the latter the ‘leg’. I sawed the latter into two parts, one 70cm (28″) and 30cm (12″) (which wouldn’t be needed at all). I attached the bigger piece to the bottom of the 120×60 using Ikea Sivert brackets leaving a space of 30cm (12″) to the side where my PC case was supposed to be.

To hold it, I took an Ärlig 60x60cm (24″x24″), halved it and screwed some Capita 16cm legs to one half and placed the PC on it. I mounted the other half using some Stödis brackets to the upper part of the leg as a little storage shelf. Having seen just2cool’s ‘jer la pita‘ I thought that I could do that, too.

So I got me some angled Capita legs, a black-brown Lack shelf (the short one of course) and mounted it to my desk. And this is the result.”

computer deskcomputer desk