Hack a floating laptop table

Kim has two hacks to share with us, which are great ideas for a compact office.

She says, “First is our very effective wall-mounted desk/workstation composed of an Effektiv low wall unit add-on and a Summera pull-out keyboard shelf.

The add-on unit was mounted to the wall using heavy duty screws and drywall anchors. To allow for more depth/substance to drill into, Casey had to add two extra strips of cardboard at the holes on the back side of the wall panel. We drilled in the keyboard shelf to the underside of the unit as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Our desk chair fits perfectly underneath the keyboard shelf when not in use.

Recently, we saw small ‘wood grain’ stickers in different finishes that were used to cover up nail holes on a piece of furniture. We will eventually purchase these to cover up the drill holes on the back panel. Our goal was to have a sleek, floating desk that would not look bulky. We knew we wanted to place it in our living room, so we wanted it to still fit in with the relaxed atmosphere, and not appear too ‘office-y’. We are very happy with the results!

Next up, for our entry way, we used blue painters tape, and ripped it into shreds. We placed the shreds randomly along the frame of the Luns writing/magnetic board. We then painted over the shreds of tape with black acrylic paint. After the paint had dried, we ripped off the tape, and voila!, we had achieved a sort of graphic looking zebra print to give the frames some zing.”


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