Ikea hacked studio space

Katie recently hacked a work space and shares it with us.

She says, “We used Faktum base units for the desks, a yellow kitchen work-top (sorry can’t remember the name, it was a bargain corner find!) and the Vika Amon desk top with Vika Curry legs (this has a Faktum unit too, it was cheaper!)

The curtains are made from two Ikea duvet covers, the same pattern but different colors. And the large storage is a wardrobe (another bargain corner find!) I’ve used the Glis children’s storage boxes for my haberdashery supplies as well as for pens and pastels! The large shelving unit is Ivar which we painted with emulsion. I love the adaptability of Ikea products and always find it best to tackle the store with an open mind, which will quite often save you some time and cash too!”