What’s cooking?

When I saw this play kitchen I could only say “Wow! Lucky baby.” This is from Lisa and it’s hard to believe that this is her first hack. It sure gives all hack newbies hope.

She says, “This is my first hack, first blog attempt and first creative project ever. It was made with the Vika Furusund.”

Ikea play kitchen
DIY play kitchen

The shopping list is pretty extensive. The Ikea Furusund forms the frame of the unit. The handles, knife rack and magnetic containers are also from the yellow and blue box.

children's play kitchen
kids play kitchen
Little girls' play kitchen
Ikea play kitchen
children play kitchen
Ikea play kitchen
Ikea play kitchen
Ikea play kitchen
Don’t you just love the faucets?

See details of Lisa’s play kitchen on her blog.

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