Broder-Lack Freestanding Shelving

Here’s another one from Florence, who also gave us the multi-tiered charging station.

She says, “We needed a shelving solution and love the look of the Lack shelves but we couldn’t attach the shelves to the wall. We combined the Broder L-foot brace, Posts and Brackets and Lack wall shelves to create a freestanding shelving system.

The width of the Broder system was adjusted to accommodate the 43 1/4″ Lack shelves which were then attached to the 10 3/4″ Broder brackets with screws. Four of the longer 74 3/4″ Lack shelves extend beyond the Broder frame to add visual interest. The longer shelves are evenly distributed and no heavy objects will be placed on the extensions. The Broder posts, brackets and Lack shelves are all well connected and create a stable unit.

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