A massive built-in project

Adele and Jeremy spent a good 4 weekends to accomplished this massive media, wardrobe and storage combo. Time well spent!

“My husband worked on installing ‘built-ins’ for about 4 weekends in a row using the new ‘black-brown’ Pax wardrobes that Ikea has. He customized them to make them look like built-ins by cutting down two of the smaller closets to create symmetrical shelves on either side (so it didn’t just look like a big hulking wall of closets).

I can’t stand the little peg holes, so he turned around the pieces and drilled new permanent holes for the shelves (so that the line of holes is facing out where no one would see it). Then he cut down two doors so that our TV would be exposed (also to again add some decorative shelving around it so it wasn’t just a wall of closets).

We found pulls that looked like our bedside table pulls and we also dyed the little plastic shelf holders black (for some reason they don’t make a “black-brown” version of those little shelf holders so they stick out like a sore thumb.)

Now when people get a tour of the house they say ‘Oh, were those built-ins here when you moved in?’ We think we saved ourselves at LEAST 10K!”