Trofast changing table

No need to buy an expensive changing table. Just top a Trofast shelving unit with a changing table pad, just like how Beth and Shelli did theirs.

This is from Beth, who cut a piece of plywood 1″ larger than the changing table pad. She wrapped the plywood with teal fleece and her husband secured the plywood to the Trofast with a couple of L brackets.

She says, “It ended up costing a bit more than a regular changing table but we’ll be using it a lot longer. I like that they also sell shelves for the Trofast so that we can turn parts of this into a bookcase if we need to.”

See more of her Trofast changing table here.

Shelli’s pretty much the same but uses 4 Trofast units, a piece of plywood, fabric, a Trofast wall unit, a scrap piece of lumber and a changing pad.

See more of her Trofast changing table here.