Ikea Expedit Asian inspired entertainment center

Jim recently completed an entertainment unit with an Asian bend. Nice. Very nice.

He says, “Basically, it’s an Ikea Expedit reconfigured and modified as an entertainment center in an Asian inspired style.

The first photo shows it without the bottom cube shelves and removable shelves.

Photo 2 shows it with the bottom cubes (easily removable since they are just dowled in).

Photo 3 Shows the full completed entertainment center with all shelves present.

I assembled this completely from scrap pieces from the Ikea free scrap bin with the exception of the backing board which is made from 2 medium gray (for contrast) mat boards from a local art supply store ($12.49 total). I obtained the 4 Allen screws from Ikea for free as well as 8 Ikea Billy shelf pins. There are of course scratches and a bad area on the bottom frame piece but it’s hidden. Also, I put it on 4 casters which I obtained from a piece of furniture someone in my neighborhood put out for trash (and added 2 hidden ones in the bottom center just in case it should sag in the future). Anyway, total cost of the project was $12.49 for the backing board and 2 days of my time. Hope folks like it.”