Hutten wine storage in Expedit unit

Brad adds a wine nook in his Expedit. Enough to stash away a few bottles of red and wine as well as glasses.

“I love my Expedit unit. It has become a handy storage and decorative center piece in my home. I hacked a Hutten wine bottle storage to fit into the 2-by-4 Expedit. The Hutten is the perfect width as-is to fit into a bay in the Expedit. It is about an inch and half too tall, though. I measured the Expedit and trimmed the upright posts to the correct height. I then drilled new holes in the vertical bits to move them all down roughly the same distance that I trimmed from the posts. The fit is perfect, and very convenient. I initially intended to stain the Hutten to match the dark brown tone of the Expedit, but once I had it in there, I decided that I like the contrast of the dark and light wood tones. I also added an Ikea wine glass rack into the neighboring bay.”