When Ikea doesn’t make a small enough cabinet

both+cabinets 709880
both%2Bcabinets 709880

Materials: cover panel, plywoods or cabinet material, IKEA hinges, drawer track and handles

Description: The problem with this space was it was too small for a regular sized IKEA lower cabinet. She really wanted the space for baking sheets and bag storage. We had to custom build two side cabinets with door fronts made from the cover panels that are the same brown stain as the rest of her IKEA kitchen. We ended up using one side hinge drawer from another IKEA cabinet as a track that sat underneath the pullout instead of on the side like IKEA cabinets.

inside%2Bcab%2Bpulled%2Bout 708523

The cover panel was cut down to size and stained on the side that was cut. The cover panel/door was routed to fit the IKEA hinges.

cab%2Bhinges 709397

We had the same IKEA handles added to the drawer. Now we have to 7″ width drawers that look exactly like IKEA cabinets on the outside.

one%2Bcabinet%2Bfront 706457
inside%2Bcab%2Bnot%2Bpulled%2Bout 707112

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~ John Webb Construction and Design, Portland and Eugene, Oregon

Jules Yap