Cat shelves in one compact IKEA BILLY bookcase

Cave Lion fashions fantastic cat shelves from a BILLY bookcase. It looks pretty easy to do too. Looks so fun!

What I love about it is how compact it is. Which means it can fit just about any corner of your home.

You can even add BILY extension units to make really, really tall cat shelves for your kitties.

Cat climbing shelf in one compact Billy

“I made an IKEA BILLY hack of my own a few weeks ago and thought you’d like to share it too.

The shelf is made from a 40cm wide BILLY shelf and it cost only 15€. (The shelf was a bit damaged at the store but it suited our purpose fine.) Another 5€ for the carpet (so that it’s not slippery).

We also added a few corner irons and bolted the shelf to the wall so it wouldn’t fall when our cats play in it.

40cm wide might be a bit too small for most cats but not for this breed. The shelf fits in the tiniest area, providing our cats access to the top of a closet with minimal damage to the walls of our rented apartment.

The pics probably say more than a thousand words about how the shelf was altered, but I must say that we did use a lot of glue on the boards so they wouldn’t flip (in addition to the corner irons).”

Cat climbing shelf in one compact Billy

Cat climbing shelf in one compact Billy

See more of Cave Lion’s IKEA BILLY cat shelves here. (It’s in Finnish but you’ll get the picture.)

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