IKEA Zebra bench and coffee table in one

It’s a bench but Melanie makes it do double (and triple) duty as a coffee table and sometimes computer table. I like that the “tables” are removable and can be repositioned where you want them to be.

She writes: “This is an IKEA hack I made some time ago. I’m not a big fan of couch tables but a very big fan of putting your feet up high when sitting on the sofa. Though I write a cooking blog, I am generally a creative and crafty person. I write, I sew and crochet and I occasionally build my own furniture.

My “coffee table” consists of:

  • An IKEA PS PASTILL bench (or more popularly known as the IKEA zebra bench. It’s out of range now.)
  • A white version of FLORT remote control pocket and
  • 2 simple U-shaped tables made out of plywood from the hardware store

Turning an IKEA Bench into a coffee table

IKEA zebra bench as coffee table

For the U-shaped red tables, I went to the hardware store with the measurements of the zebra bench. There, I had sets of plywood cut in the exact right size. I bought metal brackets, Spax screws and red acrylic paint – and built those U-shapes at home in an afternoon. Now I can remove the little tables and reposition them on the zebra bench. And each table has the exact size for a laptop or an A4 paper plus room for a cup or a glass.

IKEA FLORT remote control pocket

As for the FLORT remote control pocket hack, I cut the straight part off the FLORT remote pocket. After the cut, all was left were the pockets themselves. I sewed some stitches to prevent the fabric from unravelling. And then I pinned it with lots of fixing pins to the short end of the IKEA zebra bench. Now the remotes have their home.”

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