Get into the details for your home office

IMG 0848 717835

It’s the details that make the whole ensemble work. Matching the colour, lifting the bookcases. Small touches, but nicely done. Take a look at Jennifer’s home office.

IMG 0848 717835

1. Expedit shelving – 2 vertical, 1 horizontal. My hubby went to Home Depot and got unfinished furniture legs, took a door to the paint department to match the color, and painted the legs to match. We wanted the shelves to look more like furniture by lifting them off the floor.

IMG 0850 722706

2. We bought Vika Fagerlid legs and Galant system table top, and ordered from local glass company to fit a glass on top.

IMG 0851 725550

3. Then, of course, the newest stools available, Egil stools, which are very comfortable!

Jules Yap