River view and storage cabin bed

DSCF2692 737167
DSCF2692 737167

Materials: Malm/ Mandal? plus Expedit, Traby and Snack. Plus large screws.

Description: The aim of my latest hack was to give myself lots of storage and a better view of the river from my bed. An expanding family meant storage in my small flat was ever decreasing and I had bought a very low, superking size bed in a sale, which was about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The simple plan then was to raise the bed up to kill two birds with one stone…

DSCF2694 738672
DSCF2697 739855

So keeping the original mattress, I bought what I believe is either a Malm or Mandal bedframe- I think this is now discontinued which would explain the cut price cost that I bought it for. Also part of the puzzle was an Expedit bookcase and two Traby shelf units.

DSCF2698 740896
DSCF2691 742074

The bed frame was put together in the usual way, except the small feet were left off. Instead, the Expedit bookcase was bolted to the bottom of the bed, and the Two Traby units to the top two corners, facing outwards to provide storage. For extra support I made a leg to support the central bedrail on the floor. 3 Snack boxes on castors look and work well, and leaves a massive storage space under your bed for all sorts of junk…

~ Pods, Newcastle

Jules Yap