200 pillows for outdoor wedding

Materials: GOSA SLAN pillow, cover fabric, ribbon for tag, sewing thread, embroidery thread, doll needles, sewing machines, lots of friends to help

Description: My friend Anita needed to make 200 pillows for her son’s outdoor wedding. She found these inexpensive pillows at Ikea. By cutting them in half and sewing new covers, she only had to buy 100 pillows. Several of her friends and the bride’s friends worked together to sew these.

First, one GOSA SLAN pillow was cut in half crosswise. Then the open sides were stitched together, making two pillow forms.

The bride selected the fabric for the covers. One piece of fabric was cut for each pillow form and folded in half, right sides together. The bride and groom designed custom labels for the pillows using wide satin ribbon stamped and embossed with a design. Each label was folded, then pinned in place before stitching the seams of the fabric cover.

The cover was stitched, leaving an opening in one end. Then it was turned right side out, and stuffed with a pillow form. After stitching the open end shut, the pillow was almost finished.

Using 3 strands of embroidery floss and a doll needle (extra long needle with a long eye), two tufts were stitched centered in the pillow to give it a nice shape.

Now Anthony and Krista’s wedding guests won’t have to sit on hard concrete during the wedding ceremony.

~ KarenH, Los Angeles, California