4×4 Expedit into 2×4 and 1×4

Materials: 4×4 Expedit, saw, power drill, glue, screws

Description: After months of hemming and hawing we decide on a look for our addition. We had a used Expedit 4×4 that was serving as book storage. Since we were looking to create under window ledges and book space we decide to modify the 4×4 into a 2×4 and 1×4 book case.

1. For the 1×4: Keep two long middle shelves and 5 short shelves. With 2.25in screws we screwed the pieces together using the pre-drilled dowels holes.

2a. For the 2×4: Keep the top and bottom panels, one middle shelf, six short shelves, and one side.

2b. Put everything together except the side pieces. This will look almost like a regular 2×4. Measure the distance between the top and bottom pieces.

2b. Cut the side piece. One 4×4 side is long enough to give both 2×4 sides and you have an extra just in case.

2c. Since the cut edges do not have receiver for the anchor screws you will need to glue in smaller pieces so that the screws have something to bite into.

2d. Put the whole thing together. I used extra long self drilling screws on the bottom to further anchor the pieces together as my cuts were not perfectly straight.

I added 8in capita legs so the finished piece sits at the right height below the window.

~ Zanne