Expedit Meets Enetri

Materials: 2 Expedit 2x4s, 1 Expedit 2×2, 5 Vika Amon Table Tops, 8 Capita Legs, 1 Enetri (discontinued)

Description: So my room was getting a bit messy and cluttered and I planned on redoing my computer area. After browsing for some ideas, I ran into ikeahackers.net and my creative ideas came to life! So I browsed Craigslist for some used Ikea furniture. Got all my Expedits for dirt cheap and bought the $6 white Vika Amon table tops. The Expedits from Craigslist were pretty scratched up but I was going to repaint them anyways.

So here is the before picture of my room:

After painting the Expedits, I placed the Vika Amon table tops on top of the Expedits:

After that I cut down my Enetri to the size that I wanted, I installed the Capita legs:

Once that was in place. I was ready to install some Dioder’s that I had lying around:

And voila! All my junk is now organized and I have a ton of desk space. In the near future, I will be adding a sheet of plywood over the Expedits so that I can store clothes, etc without dust getting in them.

~ B Wong