Expedit Island

Materials: Expedit 2×4 bookcase, Vika Amon table top, casters from hardware store, screws, anchors, drill/driver with bits


1) Construct the bookcase according to instructions.

2) Turn case horizontally and add casters to whichever side you want to be the bottom. We used 2.5-inch casters, and put two locking ones on the long side. We used short drywall anchors to set the caster screws more securely, since the Expedit case is essentially hollow.

3) Carefully flip the whole piece over and mark where you want the top to sit. We decided on a 4-inch overhang on one side, 10 inches on the other. Anchoring the Vika firmly to the Expedit, carefully drill up through the top Expedit cubby and just into the Vika. Be very carefully not to drill entirely through the Vika. We used eight screws, two in each cubby.

4) Remove the Vika insert a short drywall anchor into each hole (make hole larger if necessary). Realign with holes on Expedit and run a 2.5-inch screw up into the anchor.

The whole thing went together in less than two hours, cost around $140 including casters, screws and anchors, and is absolutely perfect for its intended use. If we were to do this project again, we’re probably use one of the solid wood table tops so we wouldn’t have to worry about water damage.

~ Kim, Oregon