Bathroom vanity from chest of drawers

Description: This is a few years old but wanted to share it. I don’t know the name of the Ikea “chest of drawers.” But it is very recognizable to any Ikea fan. I just looked on the site and i guess they no longer sell it?

We drilled a hole for the drain through dresser top and completely removed the rear of the chest so there was plenty of access for the hot and cold water lines etc..
coming from the wall.

The drawers were the hardest part. We removed a section of the back of the drawers and added two pieces of wood for support. Allowing the drawers to open and close “around” the plumbing. Kinda surrounding the drain pipe. The drawer spaces are now U-shaped instead of a square box.

Oh…and we put several coats of clear over the top of the wood so water would not easily mar the finish.

~ Stacy Burket – tagr Design, San Francisco