Converted fireplace built-in

Materials: White 3 shelf BILLY bookcase, 2 x LIDINGO Glass panel doors, DIODER Lighting pack, 2 pack TYDA Handles, MDF for frame, TV antenna socket, Power socket, PVC piping, Jigsaw, Drill, Liquid nails

Description: Due to the small size of our living room I converted our already closed up fireplace into a lit book cabinet and entertainment unit.

I initially fixed 2 solid LIDINGO (40cm x 92cm) doors to a white BILLY bookcase (80cm x 106cm). However, later on I decided glass panelled LIDINGO doors would look better.

I built an MDF frame with 16mm MDF sheeting around the bookcase to allow it to be fitted directly into the fireplace with no space around it. Effectively making it a built-in. I also included an open shelf (also constructed from MDF) above the unit to place DVD players or other entertainment systems.

By running the power supply and TV antenna through the walls into the internal sides of the BILLY bookcase and installing a PVC conduit pipe for the power cables of the electronic devices I setup the corner so as to make it an entertainment area while also hiding all the cables. I hate exposed cables!!!

Finally, I installed DIODER lights on the inside of the unit to create a nice glowing effect at night time.

~ Alexander Spencer, Sydney, Australia

Jules Yap