Broder bike hack

Materials: Broder Post, Height Extension and Foot, Brackets, spare 1×2″ wood pieces

Description: We needed a way to store our 2 bicycles inside. We are renting and wanted something that didn’t screw into the walls or ceiling.

We liked the look of the Stolman hack, but when we got to Ikea they had replaced the painted aluminum color Stolman system with a creamy off-white color that we didn’t like.

We went with the Broder instead and as a bonus this is a much cheaper system – the entire bike rack cost us about $20. You’ll need: 1 x Broder long post (80.25″ or 204cm), 1 x Broder height extension post and foot, and 2 x packages of Broder front facing brackets.

Two pieces of leftover 1×2″ wood (1.5cm x 6cm x 40cm) were slotted with a handsaw at the width of the brackets. Mounted on top of the shorter bracket, the wood forms a V in which to rest the bicycle top tube.

The extra, longer brackets were mounted sideways to provide hanging storage for helmets and locks.

~ Mark, Philadelphia, PA

Jules Yap