EXPEDITion Guatemala

Materials: Expedit shelves, MDF, upcycled burlap coffee sacks

Description: After lining our office walls with EXPEDIT shelves, we realized we could never afford enough of the baskets that IKEA sells to fill all of the holes. To cover unsightly stored items, we fashioned “screens” out of MDF and covered them with burlap coffee sacks, scored from a local roaster. We think it evokes a way less Swedish and way more rustic, Guatemalan, Tanzanian, fair-trade, organic vibe.

1. Cut 1/2″ MDF into 12.75″ squares, glue two together at a 90 degree angle. Use pneumatic staples or finish nails to hold the pieces together until the glue sets.

2. Cut a 15×15 (or so) square from your coffee sack, center screen and attach with staples on the back. Add drawer pulls or knobs.

3. Hide all of your files, magazines, old photo printers and other knack behind screen.

~ Christian Seger, Field Store TX

Jules Yap