Multi-level work table

Materials: Vika Manne table tops and legs

Description: I wanted a work table that was high enough for me to work standing up and not have to bend my back. I also wanted a place to store my tools and not have them pushed off the table edge while I was cutting fabric, or doing other large projects. The table had to not jab me when I walked around it (small room), and should roll so I could roll it over to my file cabinet when I did my filing or move it out of the way if needed. I also want to be able to sit at it with a higher drafting type chair too. (Big list of requirements !)

So… I bought two round Vika Manne table tops, one extra leg (5 instead of 4) and put the legs on the first table top (after re-measuring/drilling the placements). I then used closet rod holders and some thick wood dowel rods sections to make 5 short legs (placed in between the bottom legs) that went between the two tops. I covered the wood dowels with some grey plastic tube but they could have been painted as well. The top of the table is 36″ high, which is good for me, but could be made to any height by making the center legs longer or shorter.

OK, I admit it looks like something from outer space, but it WORKS and I love it! 🙂

~ Darlette, Santa Clarita, CA USA