Degu disc playground

Materials: SNUDDA

Description: Remember the good old turning disc on the playground? You can have the same for your Degus or other rodents now:

1. Buy the SNUDDA (“Lazy Susan”, Drehscheibe) at Ikea!
2. Remove the lower part (foot) so that you can access the inner part. Take care of the balls in the bearing. Dont’t loose them. Treat the surface of the disc with sandpaper so that it will not be to slippery for your pets to run on it.
3. Build the “chassis”. Screw 2×2 bars together to build the frame. Make them long enough to ensure stability (length = approx. diameter of the dics). Screw two trapezoids with an angle of ca. 12° – 15° to the frame.
4. Screw the lower part (foot) to the chassis. As the Ikea wood is hard it is better to make holes for the screws insted of screwing them directly.
5. Re-Assamble the chassis and the disc (inverse to step 2). Don’t forget to put the ball bearing inbetween. Do not pull the screw too tight!
6. Let your Degus have fun!

In my blog you can see my little sweeties running on it!

~ Marek