No space for PC, lets hang it up on the wall

Materials: Plinga range powder-coated steel hat rack 001.525.93

Description: After sort of redecorating a room, there was no place on the floor left for my PC, so I used a very cheap (2.5 Euros on sale) IKEA hat rack, item # 001.525.93, fixed that up on the wall upside down, then put my PC inside that.

This metal hat rack is strong enough for the weight of my very heavy PC (a 11 year old P-III btw), also is a bit longer so cables etc can stay inside.

On second thought, this thing might also be used to place a human baby inside, has the right size, if placed somewhat lower on the wall, like over a bed or something like that. Maybe I sould have bought another one…

Really cheap stuff, cause I am a very cheap person. Lots of other non – IKEA stuff in the pics get misused as well.

~ Antonios T. Andronoglou, Athens, Greece