A Unique Headboard: Sleep among Plants

A Plant Headboard makes a Unique Headboard

Materials: Benno DVD Stand (x2), Billy Height Extension Unit (x2), wood screws, wood glue, screw plates and 90 degree brackets, jigsaw, white paint, sansevieria plants, plastic containers, decorations

I saw this hack and fell in love with it.

I wanted a freestanding and unique headboard, so I decided to improve upon it a bit.

I put the 2 DVD towers together and cut the feet off of them with a jigsaw, sanded the coarse end, and painted it white with acrylic paint. I put the cardboard backing in one of them. I used wood glue to glue them together and then bracketed them on the back and on the inside middle shelf.

I used the screwplates to attach the dvd shelves to the bottom (under the cardboard backing) to reinforce the base.

A Plant Headboard makes a Unique Headboard

A Plant Headboard makes a Unique Headboard

I placed them on top of the assembled shelf extenders, using wood glue and 90 degree brackets on the back. I reinforced the legs with 90 degree brackets as well.

I bought 2 large Sansevieria plants from a nursery and plastic containers from The Container Store and plants. Four of these without the external part of it, fit perfectly. They were on sale for $10 each at my local store.

A Plant Headboard makes a Unique Headboard

I love the outcome, and am grateful for the original idea.

~ Courtney Sandhu, Dallas, TX