Hacka-Lack-a Mutant TV Stand

Materials: Lack TV Stand + 2 Lack Side Tables

Description: Bought a heap of Lack products for my new living room, only to discover that the Lack Coffee Table is so tall that if I put my A/V components inside the Lack TV stand like they are intended to be put, the coffee table blocks remote signals! What to do? My initial thought was to buy another TV stand and stack em, as per a couple other hacks here. But, money being tight right after moving, I decided to go big. I took my two Lack side tables and bought some nice brace flat corner braces.

Using some 3/4″ brass wood screws I installed 2 braces on the back, joining the rear legs of the TV Stand to the back edge of the side tables. Then, 2 more braces joining the front legs to the outside edges of the side tables. It’s sturdy, and raises it up quite nicely. Future mod will probably be to drill/peg/glue the tv stand legs into the tops of the side tables, and to add extra tv stand legs on to the other corners of the side tables for additional stability. For a 20min hack, however, I think it looks pretty good. The big gap at the bottom between the two side tables will easily accomodate a nice sub-woofer. 🙂

~ The Rob, Toronto