Vika Flying V Desk

Materials: 2 Vika Grevsta, 6 Vika Curry in Black, 3 thick steel lumber bracing plates, A drill and Lots of round headed screws! (Size 8 x 1″)

Description: While searching high and low for a desk that will multitask (Hold my computer and arts & crafts) we ran across the Vika series in Ikea. The prices were just right however the size was a little smaller than I had in mind. So we decided to create an L-Shaped desk out of 2 Vika Grevstas. In order to accomplish this, we bought some thick steel lumber bracing plates at the local hardware store, some screws, 6 legs for the desk, and 2 desk tops. It is important that the desk tops be SOLID material, I note this because some of the Vika Series are simply honeycomb in the middle and would not hold the screws properly for the bracing.

Anyway, when we got everything home, we assembled the two desks separately with only 3 legs in each table. (So that you won’t bang your knee when you swivel.) We then turned everything upright and marked the holes for the bracing plates. When that was finished we turned the desk over and drilled pilot holes with a 1/8″ drill bit for the screws that would hold everything together.

Once the pilot holes were screwed into each desktop, we put everything back upright and drilled the screws into the bracing plates. TADA! One really big awesome desk for less than $160. (I wouldn’t recommend putting anything terribly heavy over the place where the 2 pieces connect. It should be rather sturdy, but I wouldn’t trust standing on it…

~ Christine, Orlando, FL

Jules Yap